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New Friends for Homeless Animals in Berrien County


For information about this release, please contact:

Judy C. Pierson, FBCAC


BENTON HARBOR, MI. August 2020 - Friends of Berrien County Animal Control    (FBCAC), is a nonprofit charitable corporation, recently established to supplement the essential services of Berrien County Animal Control (BCAC). 

With an “open intake” policy by which no animal is turned away, the costs of shelter and medical needs for the volume of homeless animals in the care of Animal Control can often exceed its budgeted limitations. Compounded by the multiple dynamics connected to the coronavirus pandemic, funds allocated to Animal Control simply cannot meet the demand for its services – and for this reason, FBCAC was formed. 

The ultimate goal of FBCAC is to increase the number of animals adopted from the County’s shelter by raising funds to be allocated for preventative medications (flea, tick, heartworm); medical treatments, including heartworm, emergency veterinary care; spay/neuter and trap/neuter/return programs.  

Response to FBCAC’s first monetary contribution for the purchase of flea and tick preventatives: “It’s such an amazing feeling to know the community is supporting the efforts BCAC is making to better the health/welfare of our shelter babies. This donation makes it possible for us to purchase more medical necessities for us to properly treat/test issues that arise. Thank you so much for the continuing support.” (Tiffany Peterson, Director/Chief, BCAC.) A more recent contribution supplemented the generous donation of a local veterinarian who performed surgery on a dog with a severely embedded and grown-over cable in his neck. Without surgery, the dog would not have survived. Because of our partnership with Animal Control, FBCAC was able to help with the costs. The dog has fully recovered and is happily placed in a loving adoptive home.     

Founded in February 2020, Friends of Berrien County Animal Control is exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). A celebratory event will be held in the near future. Meanwhile, donations are welcomed. For more information, go to , email or find us on Facebook.


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